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Welcome to my FREE GAME  segment. This is a segment where I provide helpful tips to sustain you on your journey.

It's all LOVE here! 💕

1. The same nutritious foods that are good for our bodies also promote strong & healthy hair
If you're not eating a healthy balanced diet not only does your body suffer but so does your hair.
This goes for your skin as well. 
2. Mist your hair with water or apply a water-based moisturizer before using oils or butters. Water hydrates but doesn’t seal Always seal water into your hair with oil or butter, which will help your hair to retain the water for longer. 
3. One thing about your hair is it is going to SHED & that's normal! It's when it's excessive when it becomes an issue. 
Some things you can do to cut the shedding down to a minimal is 
-Moisturize often
- Low manipulation protective styles
- Cut down on the heat
-Trim regularly 
 Maintain healthy hair with Crowned Essentials products handmade with all natural ingredients
We have hair growth oils, shampoo, deep conditioners, hair masks, hair moisturizers, leave-ins & more.
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